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Small Business Website Design

Small Business Website Design
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Your small business website design & build.

Websites are a big part of marketing, a source of lead & customer generation, so keeping your website up-to-date, providing great content and at the top of the search results should be a priority for your business growth.

Old outdated business websites make it hard for people to get information especially on a mobile device coursing you to drop in the search results, lose you customers and give you a bad impression of your business.

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    How it works!

    Contact us 

    Let us know where you are at the moment with your website and what is wanted. We will send you a discovery sheet to find out all the details and to assist us in the discovery session.

    Discovery Session

    We research your business, industry and competitors creating clear personas, goals and strategy for your website.


    Form the structure creating a sitemap making sure it’s easy for the visitors to navigate.

    Wireframe & Mockups

    Create the wireframe, positioning components in the right place to help the visitors through their buyer’s journey and a mockup for your approval.


    Code the website using the most up to date compliant code to make sure it has the best chance in ranking well in the search engines and performs the same on all devices.


    Test that everything works how it should and set it into the world.


    Support is provided for technical issues that occur in the first three months to ensure all creases are ironed out.

    For more advanced support and continual growth and success of your website you might want to purchase one of our Website health plans to provide continual support, strategy to achieving your website goals plus daily backup, Security Monitoring, Software updates and more.

    Website Design or Redesign

    Using the form tell us:

    • Where you are with a website/your current website at the moment
    • What you want it to be doing and Why

    Or you can just download the Website Discovery Sheet below and email back to us to

    Download Website Discovery Sheet

    FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take to create my website?

    It will take approximately 4-6 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your website. You will be provided with a time scale and regular weekly updates to keep us on the same page.

    What are the yearly expenses of a website?

    A website requires hosting and a domain name to be able to make your website visible to the world. Hosting is paid yearly or monthly depending on the hosting company you choose (we will help you choose if you are not sure) between £3 to £15 per month.

    Your domain name ( can be paid yearly or you can pay for it for 3 to 5 years upfront prices vary depending but usually between £8 – £20 per year.

    Will it include SEO on my website?

    SEO is a continuous process but we will give you the best start by doing some keyword research before the build and implement this into the page URLs and other relevant places. We will also ad other addition things backend that we know Google and other search engines look for.