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As a website consultant, I know that getting your website to the desired look can be quite a lengthy process, and even after tremendous effort invested, customer traction may be minimal. It can be very upsetting to have put in so much hard work and yet not feel confident enough to introduce others to the completed product.

We believe that every business deserves to have a website that they are proud of and that helps them build and grow their business.

When your website isn’t performing, it can be challenging to get the customers you need to make your business successful without further effort. The possibility of having to return to your day job looms nearer, and consequently, you become deflated and discouraged.

The Website Surgery has been assisting entrepreneurs in transforming their websites into money-generating powerhouses that eliminates the stress. We take you through our website health evaluation, so we can come up with a plan for what you desire your website to do and how to attain it.

Don’t be overwhelmed – get a website health check. Take away the stress of pondering your next steps and don’t waste time searching for answers. Get a precise roadmap and ensure it’s done correctly.

Our Team

Hi, I’m Kelly, a website consultant and the founder of The Website Surgery. As an avid lover of improving website performance, I take pride in seeing the results of my work. With over 10 years of experience in building websites, I have honed my skills in understanding your business and online goals, and creating a strategy to help you achieve them.

To bring my strategies to life, I work with an expert team of designers, developers, and SEO specialists. In addition, I have partnered with great photographers, content writers, videographers, and marketers to ensure that I provide the best solutions for my clients to achieve favourable results from their investments.

Website Consultant Kelly Eldridge

Kelly Eldridge
Founder, CEO, Website Consultant
The Website Surgery

Our Partners

Thanks to our partnerships with exceptional companies, we are equipped with the necessary professional skills and experience to guarantee the success of all of our projects.

Manjit Sohal

Manjit Sohal

Manjit is a photographer, she specializes in helping
business owners show their brand in the best light.
She captures stories, headshots and other professional photos so that clients can represent their businesses as desired.

Sohal Light Photography

Antoinette Chappell

Antoinette Chappell
Translator MA, MITI and copywriter

Antoinette is a copy coach and copywriter, she works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them get great copy that is clear, succinct and that generates more leads, builds an audience online, markets their products or services and engages with existing customers.

Copywriter and translator

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