Website Optimisation Services

Enhance your website’s performance and expand your business.

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  • Sick of not getting enough customers or leads from your website?
  • Need little changes but scared to touch your website in case you brake it or mess it up?
  • Do you want to grow your business without doing more yourself?
  • Do you need to add another page to your existing website but are not sure how?

Website Optimisation Services

Having a website that looks unprofessional, is slow to load, and has errors can be a big turnoff for potential customers and leads. What’s worse, search engine traffic to your website is likely to be minimal, so you’ll need to resort to manual methods to source customers – a process that can be incredibly time-consuming.

At The Website Surgery, we want to help you create an SEO-optimised website that looks professional and is free of errors. This will give you the best chance of generating leads and customers while allowing you to free up your time. We want you to be proud to share your website with others and watch as the leads and customers start pouring in.

Get a proven strategy for improving
your website performance

Relax knowing that all the tech
taken care of for you

Tracking set up to track your
websites success and improve

Kelly was really helpful in improving my website, making it a better customer experience overall, adding a scheduler, analytics, cookie policy, t&c’s and updating the contact form to reduce spam. I would definitely recommend her.

Margaret Holvec

Health and Wellness Coach

How our Website Optimisation Works

We take you through our proven authority website formula
to ensure we get the desired results every time.

1. Analysis & Strategy

We get clear on your goals and use our proven formula we go over your website to see what is needed we then provide a strategy to achieve them.

2. Apply the strategy

We apply the strategy fixing errors, design and optimizing your website for performance.

3. Track & Improve

We establish KPIs and set up tracking to monitor your website performance and enhance it.

Take the step to optimise your website – get a website review now!

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website optimisation services

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