Improve Your Website

Getting these 8 elements can greatly improve your website for both you and your visitors. Even improving one or two of these elements will give you great results.

Not knowing where to start

You hear so much about things you must do to make your website perform better. Most of the times it just leaves you feeling overwhelmed and very confused. 

By knowing what elements produce a well-performing website you can make a start adding or improving them and start achieving your online goals.

Getting each element

  1. Your Brand, Design and Structure
    Branding installs trusts. Good design encourages visitors to take certain actions and return. A well-structured design and company branding guides visitors naturally through the sales funnel to become customers.
  2. Good sales copy
    Sales copy that sells you and your product or services. Copy that persuades and guides the user to the next part of the sales funnel. 
  3. Good high-quality imagery
    Professional high-quality imagery says a thousand words about to business so you can imagine what poor quality, low-resolution images or stoke imagery say.
  4. Call to action
    What do you want people to do on each page? Tell them. Put a call to action on every page and tell your visitors where you want them to go or do next.
  5. A lead capture form
    A short form to collect email addresses. To connect with potential customers and nurture them using automation. Remember to put a good reason for someone to sign up.
  6. Optimise all your pages for SEO
    There is no point having a great website if no one comes to visit.
    SEO gets your website onto the first pages of the search engines, so make sure your web pages are optimised for your chosen keywords and continually do SEO techniques to bring your audience to you.
  7. A Blog
    Educate your target audience with valuable information about your field, gets you higher in the search results, and portrays you as an expert in your field giving you the trust you need for visitors to turn into customers
  8. Website Speed
    If your website isn’t fast enough people will not wait around, not only does a slow website loss you customers but destroys your SEO as Google is only looking to provide the best experiences. Check your website speed and see how you can improve it.

Improving Using Google Analytics

When looking to improve elements on your website, the best place to start is to read the analytics data you have collected and make decisions based on that.
Maybe people are bouncing off your site because your website is loading to slow. Is it mainly visitors using mobile devices bouncing off your website this might be because it isn’t optimised for mobile devices. Are people converting? If not you might need to change or move the call to action?

If you need help setting up your google analytics to collect the correct data we’re here to help with that.

Achieving online goals

We work with businesses in all these areas to help them get their websites performing well and achieving their online goals through our management plans or one at a time.