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Website Project Needs:

NVC recognized the potential of their website to attract more leads and customers and provide them with a reliable marketing tool to promote their courses. To achieve this goal, we performed a thorough assessment of the website and identified areas that needed improvement.

Although the website was ranking high for some course keywords, the low conversion rate indicated that the information presented on the pages needed enhancement. Additionally, the manual completion of tasks was causing inefficiencies and wasting valuable time that could be automated through the website.

Another issue we identified was the lack of timely emails to potential students, which hindered the website’s ability to bring people back and generate more sales. Furthermore, the site structure was a bit confusing, which could have led to user frustration and decreased engagement.


To resolve these issues, we suggested implementing changes that would streamline the manual processes and automate them through the website. We also recommended optimizing the website’s content and structure to improve user experience and increase conversions. Additionally, we advised NVC to establish a regular email campaign to maintain engagement with potential customers and increase sales.


  • We revamped the website pages to enhance the user experience, making it easier for visitors to understand the purpose of the site and quickly find what they need.
  • We developed a members area, which provides a convenient platform for both NVC and students to access and share course materials. This has greatly simplified the process of distributing course materials, eliminating the need for manual distribution at the beginning of the courses or upon request.
  • To better serve our target audience, we produced an informative ebook that helps prospective students choose the right training provider. To promote the ebook, we also created a landing page to collect email addresses of interested individuals. This approach has been highly effective in reaching and engaging our target audience while streamlining their marketing efforts.
  • We have implemented a range of additional website components that have significantly improved the user experience and increased NVC’s productivity.

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Before meeting Kelly I had a website but to be honest I unknowingly had very little insight into the purpose of a website.

What Kelly has done has brought purpose to the content within my website and equally of importance pushed me into a focused rationale behind the types of specific clients I was looking to target through marketing.  This took, what for me was a very challenging time around identifying my target clients and producing an email sequence that having brought people to the website would then provide them with the confidence that I could resolve their problems with very credible solutions.

Kelly has taken it upon herself to learn about the industry I work in and can therefore add value to the regular meeting discussions we have.  Whilst we go through the expected points of knowing one’s numbers and reviewing keyword searches, Kelly most importantly for me continues to communicate in a language I understand; unlike some website developers I have met who simply use far too much jargon when speaking.

I am very pleased to state that I now have a website which very informatively lets people know what we do and how we can best support them.  I have landing pages to represent the trainer training, work sector training and online courses we offer.  I am particularly pleased that Kelly created the landing page which offers everyone to opportunity to receive a free booklet – 7 Things You Need to Know When Looking for the Right Training Provider.  I know this has successfully led to me receiving client bookings and it has helped to improve my following and therefore network reach across social media.

I would without hesitation recommend The Website Surgery to anyone who is looking to improve their website and therefore attract and generate more leads.  I continue to enjoy and benefit from a very professional and engaging business relationship with her.

Trevel Henry

Owner of NVC Awareness

Website Results

We take pride in delivering a return on our clients’ investments, and we are always available to provide additional support as they progress. A few follow-ups after completion ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results.

Increased conversions and productivity

NVC Awareness has experienced a significant boost in conversions on both their website and landing pages. This increase in conversions has translated to improved productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction, as the company strives to provide their students with faster and more reliable services with comprehensive support.




Continued Support & Website Performance Improvement

Our partnership with NVC Awareness has been successful in establishing a solid website infrastructure. Moving forward, we aim to enhance their online presence by driving targeted traffic from search engines.

This entails focusing on specific keywords to increase visibility and attract the right audience. we are dedicated to optimizing their website to achieve maximum results and help NVC Awareness reach their goals.

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