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Website Project Needs:

Jenny at JB Embroidery was referred to me when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, as her main source of income, JB Rossetts, was unable to run any longer. Jenny needed to find a way to generate more sales and enquiries from her Weebly embroidery website in order to make up for the tough period.

After our discovery session, we were able to clearly identify Jenny’s goals for the website and create a strategic plan to improve its performance within the limits of the Weebly platform. We then worked to bring the website design up to a professional standard, while still maintaining the personal touch that Jenny wanted to keep.

Main Goal: To increase embroidery customers from the website.


On a monthly basis, we worked through the strategy:

  • Resigning the pages to make them more user-friendly and bring the design up to a professional industry standard, while still maintaining the personal touch which Jenny wanted to keep.
  • SEO – Fixing errors, completing keyword research and optimising key pages to get more people to the website from Google
  • Creating systems using automation so she wasn’t doing everything manually and taking up time.

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“Kelly has made a huge difference to the volume of traffic that my website gets now. Extremely pleased with the service and would highly recommend.”

Jenny Bourne

Owner of JB Embroidery

Website Results

We take pride in delivering a return on our clients’ investments, and we are always available to provide additional support as they progress. A few follow-ups after completion ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results.

Increased leads and customers

We had great success and within three months, we had relevant keywords ranking in the top three and the enquiries and orders started to come in – it continued to grow month after month. Now, the site is ranking for more than 600 keywords, with 133 on page one.

With way over 1000 visitors on average a month now Jenny has between 4 and 13 leads a day with 80% of them becoming customers.

Business Growth

This growth is continuing to increase every week, and as a result, Jen has had to buy more machines to accommodate the extra workload. The website has far exceeded her expectations and is going from strength to strength.

Donโ€™t waste time lets get started with your professional website today!

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