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Website Project Needs:

Corporate Counsel had a website for some time but didn’t feel it represented them as they wanted. The platform the website was on felt restricting and hard to update hindering changes wanted.

Their new website needed to:

  • be modern, help create awareness and promote the business
  • clearly show what services they offer,
  • make it very easy to contact them
  • enable corporate counsel to share their knowledge.
  • and increase clientele.


We have created a professional website that represents corporate counsel, and their professionalism as a company.
By integrating video into the website design, we allow visitors to familiarize themselves with the owner and easily access information about their services.
Their services are clearly displayed and various methods of contacting them are available for quick and easy access.
Corporate Counsel can effortlessly maintain the website’s up-to-date status and offer valuable information to potential clients.

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Kelly is excellent. She has a real talent for websites and social media and social media and she knows what works. Diligent, knowledgeable and creative she guides you through the digital maze to achieve great results. I have no hesitation in recommending Kelly.

Paul Vousden FCIPR

Senior Consultant | Workshop Facilitation, Business Development

Website Results

We take pride in delivering a return on our clients’ investments, and we are always available to provide additional support as they progress. A few follow-ups after completion ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results.

The industry of business growth consultancy is highly competitive when it comes to keywords. However, by establishing a strong SEO foundation and implementing effective post-building measures, the website is successfully ranking for a good number of relevant keywords 6 of which are on the first page and started gaining significant organic traffic.

Donโ€™t waste time lets get started with your professional website today!

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