Protect your website from hackers by putting these five security measures in place.

Being one of the top most used CMS systems, WordPress has become a hackers target.

When your website is hacked, not only does it destroy your website rankings, but it destroys your company’s reputation and rankings on the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

It’s not only your information that is being stolen but your customers too.

Companies that don’t take their customer’s information security seriously make customers weary and hard to gain that much-needed trust.

Putting these five security measures in place on your website is like putting a security alarm system in your shop.

It will prevent your website being hacked and if it does get hacked just like that alarm system it will alert you as soon as possible before too much damage is done.

5 things to put in place to protect your website from hackers:

  1. A strong login password
  2. Daily backups – Updraft and download onto your computer
  3. Software updates – Keep all plugins, software and databases up to date
  4. Website uptime monitoring – UptimeRobot
  5. Security monitoring – Sucuri

Your WordPress login password

Making sure you have a solid password is key. Make sure it is long and preferably auto-generated. A weak password is like giving a robber the key to the back door of your house, so make sure it is secure and not a normal word or one you have used on any other account.

Daily backups

Daily backups are really important when restoring a website after being hacked or infected with malware etc, and are your insurance that you can restore what is infected or lost.

A good plugin to use for this is Updraft, but there are many others. This plugin will automatically back up your website. Set it to back up daily, and once a week pop on and download the website files to your computer so you have them there in case your site is hacked and you cannot access WordPress.


Don’t rely on your hosting back up alone as they may only be backing up the WordPress files and not the root files or not be and the write timing you need them to be. Good to have a double back up system.

Plugin and Software updates

It is very important to keep your plugins and software up to date as this is also one of the main reasons hackers gain access to your website.

Website uptime

You can sign up to Uptime Robot’s free plan for monitoring your website. If it goes down it will alert you, allowing you to investigate as soon as it happens, minimising damage to your website, your rankings and reputation and get it back online.

Security monitoring

Security monitoring is scanning your website regularly for malware, blacklisting status injected SPAM and defacements. Sucuri is a very popular free tool to scan your website, it can also help protect your website from other online threats.

Get this done for you

Let us help you protect your website from hackers, get total peace of mind that all this is done for you plus more see our website management plans for details

Getting website insurance

Our plans put in your website security alarm and allow you to rest assure that even on the off chance that your website is hacked while on our plan, we will be notified and have it back up and running before u know it, making sure ur ranking is never jeopardised.

Websites are security monitored making sure any malware or other is detected and expelled.

The Website Surgery is dedicated to helping every website get healthy and have the best chance in succeeding.