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Dedicated landing page

Dedicated Landing pages 

A dedicated landing page is a standalone page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It persuades a desired audience to  take a specific call to action.

Hubspot’s recent study showed that marketers had a 55% increase in leads after increasing the number of landing pages on their website.

Investment £200

What is included

Included in our landing page service

Design & Creation  

Research, design and landing page creation

Content & Features

Content, images input & call to acions features added

Call-to-action Connection

Connection of call to actions to software – working & tested

How it works!

Create a landing page request

Complete the landing page request form below or email us your information:

  • your landing page content
  • images
  • call-to-action (what you want the visitors to do on the page)
  • and the persona of the person you want the page to target.

If you don’t have the content we can advise you of the sections that make up a successful landing page to make it easier for you to write.

We get to work

We will design and create your landing page, adding your content, images and the call-to-action buttons, forms etc.


We then connect up your call-to-actions with the software needed – i.e. Mailchimp, payment method or appointment software etc, before sending it to you for approval.

Note! Your sign ups will receive one email on sign up if you would like an email sequence set up please see our lead magnet page for details. You get 25% off the lead magnet service when purchasing a landing page.

Landing page request

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If you want you can download a landing content sheet below to fill in and email back to us to: hello@thewebsitesurgery.co.uk

Download Landing Page Content Template

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website?

No you don’t need a website for a landing page there are numerous platforms that we can host them on and we can discuss my your needs for which one you.

Do I need to provide a persona? - I target everyone

Yes, a landing page is dedicated to promoting one thing (a product, service, event etc) to a specific audience (could be in a specific area) the content, design and structure speaks directly to these people improving the chances of conversion, which is why it works better than your website home or services page do.

Do I need to give you images?

Yes and No, I always advise to use your own images as it provides a better and more trusted feel and if it is a new product than an image will be needed, if you haven’t got images we will use watermarks version stock imagery (purchased from a third party) in your design and you can purchase them when you approve the page.

Are there any additional costs?

Images are an additional cost if you haven’t got any of your own and any software needed to provide the functionality of the call-to-action i.e. mailing software, appointments plugins, landing page software if you would prefer to have it created on leadpages or other instead of your website. This will be discussed with you

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