Getting more website visitors

Getting more website visitors

There are loads of ways to get visitors to your website but here are some techniques that I use.

The first thing to ask yourself is “why do you want more traffic to your site?”

  • Is it to get more enquiries and sales?
  • Inform and help more people?
  • Build your brand awareness?
  • All of the above

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protect your website from hackers

How to protect your website from hackers

Protect your website from hackers by putting these five security measures in place.

Being one of the top most used CMS systems, WordPress has become a hackers target.

When your website is hacked, not only does it destroy your website rankings, but it destroys your company’s reputation and rankings on the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

It’s not only your information that is being stolen but your customers too. Read More
On-page Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation Guide

This guide will help you to optimise your website pages. You can add this on-page optimisation guide to your content creation process. This will make sure that none of your web pages are wasted rankings for words that aren’t getting searched. Read More

Finding keywords image

Finding Keywords For Your Online Content

Why Find Keywords

When finding keywords for your online content. We recommend that you find the keywords that your target audience will be typing into the search engine.

You don’t want to put all your effort into writing a blog post, social media post or website page and no one sees it. By finding your keywords you will also find out if people are actually looking for what you are writing about. Read More